Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Phase of Inconsistency (NFL)

We often forget how the maturation of a franchise quarterback is supposed to go. Inconsistency is one of the phases in which young quarterbacks in the NFL most likely go through. Some trudge through this phase most of their NFL careers, while others encounter it for a short period of time. It seems as though Robert Griffin III and Geno Smith are still maneuvering through this phase.

Robert Griffin III
Both quarterbacks were very successful at the collegiate level; however, they have not been able to fully transfer this success to their current NFL careers.

RG3 has suffered from a recurring knee injury and Geno has simply failed to adequately study the New York Jets' playbook. These factors have served a purpose in these guys' inconsistent performances, but why are these guys being started on Sunday?!

Reasons Why RG3 and Geno are Starting QBs

Jets QBs Geno Smith (7) and Michael Vick (1)
Jersey / Ticket Sales: Robert Griffin III and Geno Smith are the face of their respective franchises for a reason. These guys may not consistently provide wins, but the front office can count on fans to attend games based on "what is expected" of their play.

Optimistic View from Owner's Perspective: We all have to agree there is a defining factor in which teams draft players. Whatever "factor" that may be can serve to explain an owner's / team's willingness in the dependency of certain players, despite their performance level.

Threat of Backup QBs: Although the Cowboys lost to the Redskins about five weeks ago, the Redskins' victory showed Washington in a competitive light. With McCoy calling the snaps, there was undoubtedly a "new" Redskins team who bought into the leadership of Colt McCoy.

After a great uproar of McCoy's surprising performance, the Redskins announced Griffin would start the following week. I couldn't believe it. The performance of Colt McCoy had shook the sports world in D.C.
Redskins QB Colt McCoy
As for the New York Jets, backup QB Mike Vick's performance has not been too threatening to Geno Smith's. After all, it seems that Vick is in New York to serve as a mentor for Geno; however, Vick's antics of not being "prepared" has influenced Geno to possibly do the same.

In their short career spans, Robert Griffin III and Geno Smith have seemed to hurt their teams more than help them. Currently, the Redskins are giving Colt McCoy a chance to lead the team in the direction for the remainder of the season. In my opinion, I think Colt is the better option. McCoy wants to win, period. No flash or flair, just a classy guy who wants to win.

As for Geno, his backup Mike Vick has been as ineffective as Smith himself. I recently joked on Twitter that Coach Rex Ryan is allowing "Geno and Vick to play rock, paper, scissors in deciding who will start each Sunday." The Jets are currently facing a terrible 2-10 season and Coach Rex Ryan may be on his way out of the door.

Eagles QB Mark Sanchez
Griffin and Geno have a chance (I'm not too sure about Geno) to successfully break out of this phase. Until these guys get a well-deserved reality check and become better leaders, they will most likely continue to hurt their teams in the long run.

Mark Sanchez is a great example of someone who recently broke out of this phase of inconsistency. Philly is having one of their best seasons in awhile and Sanchez is really thriving with Chip Kelly's fast-paced offense. The team has collectively bought into the program and Sanchez's leadership, which has placed them as a potential contender for the NFC Championship. Maybe there is hope for RG3 and Geno after all.
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