Monday, June 2, 2014

2014 NBA Finals: No Country for Old Men? Maybe Not.

To all Miami Heat fans out there: Do Not Count Out the San Antonio Spurs Yet.

Just when the NBA world had (almost) written off the "old, traditional, and boring" Spurs, the Old Faithful Trio (Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili) wielded themselves back into the NBA Finals to send current MVP Kevin Durant and the OKC (Oklahoma City) Thunder home for the remainder of the season.

San Antonio continues to win, despite facing numerous injuries and the all-too-common label of: being too old to win it all. As the playoffs have shown (San Antonio finshed #1 in the West, by the way), this team is proving itself to be younger than what spectators and the media lead us to believe.

Simply put, the Spurs are playing Chess. As for their previous opponents: Tic Tac Toe - or something like that.

Do you know what "old man strength" is? This may be a valid explanation for the resiliency displayed by Coach Greg Popovich's Old Faithful Trio.

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili banded together in the '02-'03 season and have reached the playoffs every single year, thereafter (whether they finished #8, #1, or somewhere in between). To give you some perspective on how old this trio is: Michael Jordan retired from the Washington Wizards the same year this trio won their first championship together.

The Spurs continue to silence their doubters - only in a different fashion, in contrast to their next opponents. Spurs basketball is made up of three elements: OLD. MAN. STRENGTH.

Ok, that was a joke.

Seriously, Spurs basketball consists of: resiliency, chemistry, and (of course, you guessed it) pure, old man strength.

Resiliency: This group of guys have proven they are battle-tested and ready for any opponent in their path to the ultimate goal of the Larry O'Brien Trophy (aka, NBA title). The Spurs are comparable to that old car/truck that your uncle used to drive. Despite its slightly diminished features, highway-worn tires, and radio with sub-par speakers, this truck (like the Spurs) still gets the job done.

Chemistry: I admire the Spurs' Front Office for mixing the right amount of "new school" players with "old school" players. Young guys, such as Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, and even the Tony Parker look-alike guy (Patty Mills), give this seasoned Spurs team a great, cohesive unit to give the Miami Heat a good challenge for the championship.

Old Man Strength (OMS): Old man strength is arguably one aspect of a man's life that rarely involves deep discussion. The Old Faithful Trio have utilized this feature a few times this post-season:
  • Game 7 showdown with the Dallas Mavericks (Dallas had OMS, too; I guess San Antonio had more)
  • Literally sweeping the Portland Trail Blazers in Round 2
  • Showing the Oklahoma City Thunder: There's an "old" sheriff in town
Is there really No Country for Old Men (aside from what the Coen Brothers suggest)? Maybe not.

The San Antonio Spurs have amassed a great following within the United States, and even abroad to France and Argentina (Tony Parker's and Manu Ginobili's home country, respectively). Although, their level of play may not be attractive to the average eye, they still manage to get the job done - just like your uncle's old truck.

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