Wednesday, March 4, 2015

(Five) Most Annoying People in Rec Sports

The (Five) Most Annoying People in Rec Sports

Recreational sports can be really enjoyable. The people? Maybe not so much.

I recently reminisced with a friend about the times in college we played intramural flag football, basketball, and softball. Of course we bragged about ourselves, whose team was better, why so-and-so shouldn't have won the championship, etc.

Then the conversation took a turn toward endless laughter as we discussed the most annoying people we played against. We continued to call out a laundry list of names and how these people affected the games (arguing, fighting, whining, etc.).

We can all relate to some annoying players, whether it's rec sports or professional leagues. The point is: these annoying people need to be stoppped.

1. The Johnny Football Wannabe

This guy gets all his moves from watching the NFL. He feels like every rec sports football game is a showcase of his talent. Somehow, this guy makes almost every play last 10 to 15 seconds.

The Wannabe's signature move is to drop back and scan the field, only to look like a pro. Do not be fooled. He has no intention of throwing the ball, and often decides to gain cheap yards because it "looks good."

2. The Victim (D. Wade Type)

Next, we have The Victim. This guy is primarily on the basketball court throwing himself into a pack of players looking for a foul. Come on, man. It's obvious everyone knows what he's doing. Let D. Wade and Ginobili remain as the masters of flop-ology. The Victim also overuses the "call your own foul" rule and even over-steps his bounds to serve as a psuedo-referee.

You WILL see this guy. He's the one who waits to see if his shot will go in before calling a foul. Plus, he will yell "And one!!!" so loud to make it as if he's letting you off the hook for "fouling" him. Just give it up, man.

3. The Wrecking Ball (Ron Artest Type)

They go for truck sticks on the flag football field, jab their forearms in your sides on the basketball court. These guys are just plain dirty. Like seriously, who "goes for the knees" in a flag football game?! The type of player treats every matchup as if it's a UFC fight.

Chill, bro.

4. The Complainer (Tom Brady Type)

This guy will always try to make things go his way. Whether it's the spot of the ball, the number of downs, or the exact score...this guy WILL argue you down to the wire. If you're not sure you've encountered this type of player, have you ever diffused a possible argument by saying:"It's not that serious man, ya'll can have the ball." If yes, then you've met him.

It's not that serious, Tom.
You can have the ball next season.
This guy almost always has his hands on his head  or hips with a distressed and/or confused look on his face. They are truly the worst people to play with/against.

5. The "My Bad" Guy (Russell Westbrook Type)
"The kind of guy that plays like he's in a video game. You hold turbo for the whole game, make zero passes, and shoot fast break/transition 3-pointers going 3 for 28 from the field" - my friend, Josh Pegram 

This guy plays as if he has absolutely no sports IQ at all. He tries to master ALL of the skills on video games and bring them to the court. This type of guy is a cancer to teams everywhere. They will shoot you out of a game. Look at you in the eyes when you're wide open and decide to take on a triple team. Even shoot half-court jumpers to show you his "range" on the first possession.

This guy usually will create an impromptu one-on-one matchup when there's 8 other people on the court. And most of the time when he finally feels he has messed up, you will see him tap his chest twice with the utmost sincerity saying: "My bad, bro. I got you on the next one."

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