Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2014 NBA Finals: The Aftermath

Before we switch gears into the conversations surrounding the NBA's off-season, I want to reiterate a statement from a previous post: DO NOT COUNT OUT THE SAN ANTONIO SPURS

*points finger* see, I told you.
This Finals' series has shown me that:
  1. Miami needs to make some serious adjustments to their point guard position.
  2. Maybe Dwyane Wade doesn't have as much mileage left to go in those knees.
  3. LeBron had the right group of guys to win it all; but, his supporting cast did not deliver as expected (IMO, this supporting cast was extremely better than LBJ's Cleveland crew).
  4. The San Antonio Spurs still have gas left in their tank.
  5. This Spurs' victory may lead to an increase in favoring "good, fundamental basketball."
I guess, after all, there really is a "Country for Old Men." Experience trumped raw skill and flair in this matchup - closing the curtain on a stage that defines legacies.

Unfortnately, LeBron and company were not able to pull through for Heat fans.

Could this be the momentum shift for LeBron to start window shopping for another team? Maybe. But - I'm pretty sure -wherever LeBron goes...his [bandwagon Miami Heat] fans will follow.

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