Thursday, March 12, 2015

Farewell, DeMarco

DeMarco Murray made his final decision today, signing a contract with Dallas Cowboys' rival, the Philadelphia Eagles. Three months ago, I wouldn't have believed this would occur in the off-season. Especially after Murray's great season in clinching the rushing title for the 2014-2015 NFL season.

As Cowboys' fans, we must move forward. It is perfectly fine to feel disappointed at the organization for today's situation. However, this is what the organization asked for. They played "chicken" with DeMarco. And let's just say, Murray swerved out of the way to land in Philadelphia.

The current team is now (not surprisingly) dismantled at the running back position. Plus, I have a scary feeling the Dallas Cowboys may continue to pursue Adrian Peterson. First, I thought we had a good chance at drafting or securing a decent backup quarterback; but now, the running game is our main priority. I'm pretty sure the Cowboys organization will soon realize how much Murray meant to the offense's success. And to make matters worse, we will face Murray and the Eagles' spread offense twice in the regular season.

If the Cowboys' dominance in their regular season match-ups gave them an edge over Philly, they need to think again because this Eagles team has a brand new face. I expect for the Cowboys-Eagles rivalry to live up to its hype and even more next season. Hopefully the Cowboys will make great improvements in personnel, because Philadelphia is thinking about the playoffs as we speak!

Until next time.

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