Thursday, July 31, 2014

2014 Season Preview (Dallas Cowboys)

There's the good, the bad, and even the ugly when it comes to discussing the outlook of the Dallas Cowboys' 2014-2015 season.

In recent news, Dez Bryant has expressed his concern for a new contract, claiming that he deserves to be paid as much as the NFL's top 5 receivers. On top of Bryant's concern, the Cowboys have recently restructered OT (Offensive Tackle) Tyron Smith's contract to an 8-year extension grossing up to $100 million.

Well, Dez...there goes your money.

In addition, Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones claims the Cowboys have the best offensive line in the league. This may be true, but Jones needs to get a new prescription of glasses to focus on the injury-prone defense.

I'm in agreement with building up our offensive line and hiring a new offensive coordinator to relinquish play-calling duties from Jason Garrett. However, our defense has taken some major hits in the offseason: Sean Lee's season-ending injury and DeMarcus Ware's departure to Denver. The only thing Cowboys' fans should do is hope for the best as we place inexperienced players in the roster slots of last year's defensive leaders.

Am I throwing in the towel yet? Hmmmm, maybe not.

Our offense looks promising and Jason Garrett is crossing his fingers to finish above average for the first time in his career as Head Coach. The pressure on Garrett may benefit the offense's potential, which can balance out our sub-par defense. But as we all know (or should know), defense wins championships. The Cowboys may not win a championship this year, but their offense has the potential to be the prime catalyst to steer them to a playoff bid.

According to Jerry Jones, offense fills up stadiums...but that's none of my business.

As we shift our focus to the NFC East, the Cowboys have a really good shot at winning this division. The Redskins and Giants should be the top two teams to give us a worthwhile challenge.

Robert Griffin III looks forward to stepping back onto the field and redeeming himself from those Adidas-sponsored injuries. To be honest, Griffin III is unpredictable at this moment but you never know what you get with RGIII.

Meanwhile, Eli Manning attempts to claw his way back to the mountaintop of champions. Eli Manning has a great deal of potential. It's surprising how he can be an elite quarterback one season...and an Interception Machine the next.

Although this is not your father's NFC East, the Philadelphia Eagles took the division under Chip Kelly's high-powered offense. However, the Eagle do not pose a serious threat with Nick Foles still proving himself to the league.

Something to think about:

If the Cowboys dominated their rivals with a sub-par defense last season, there's no reason to think they cannot compete in this year's NFC East division.