Friday, July 25, 2014

Surviving the NFL Offseason

It's the end of July and football fans worldwide are currently enduring one of the longest breaks in American sports: the NFL Offseason.

Too often, fans find themselves in desperation...awaiting the next important NFL news to satisfy their athletic taste buds. The NHL and NBA crown new world champions, MLB and Golf make their way into full swing (pun intended), and every four years we are fortunate to toss aside American Football for world football (soccer).

These six months of the NFL's absence have consisted of:

- trash-talk over the past season

- suffering consequences of bets

- convincing everyone (and yourself) that your team will "win it next year"

- watching replays of the Super Bowl (I prefer "Sounds on the Field" via NFL Network)

- yelling at the TV during the NFL Draft

Well, I have one word for the football fans: congratulations.

You've endured the grueling months of football's absence, and now it is time to get ready for the fantasy leagues and NFL Sunday Ticket...and setting the DVR for those awfully-scheduled 12:00pm games.

Are you ready?

The NFL Hall of Fame (including inductions of Michael Strahan and Derrick Brooks) is right around the corner, then the NFL Hall of Fame Game takes place on August 3rd...ushering in an exciting NFL Preseason.

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