Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Back in Business (NBA)

**Inhales deeply**

Ahhh, the sweet smell of basketball season!

Tim Duncan after winning the NBA World Championship
The season has been well under way for a couple of weeks and it's also a sign that the NFL is nearing the end of its regular schedule.

James Harden (Houston Rockets)
The Cavaliers haven't been as cohesive and dominant as they were projected to be during the summer. Also, the Mavericks are dealing with numerous struggles in their attempt to become a force in the West.

As usual, the San Antonio Spurs are rolling to a great start in "mid-season" form. The Miami Heat are doing very well with the departure of LeBron James, with Chris Bosh and D. Wade taking over.

Even the Houston Rockets are channeling their inner "Kenny Smith and Hakeem Olajuwon" days with their recent play.

What's even more entertaining is the performance of Kobe Bryant with his "fresh and new" Lakers squad. Bryant is already in the running for MVP (who's counting votes this early anyway?!); however, his team is suffering a great deal with his "prime" performances. In addition, Bryant recently broke the record for the "most missed shot attempts" in the NBA.

Tyson Chandler (Dallas Mavericks)
In reality, the West (as well as the East) is up for grabs. At this point, it's really too hard to tell who will really be the last team standing through 82 games.

Below, I have listed the top 5 teams to watch in the Western and Eastern Conferences (feel free to throw in your top 5, as well!)

Drake (Rapper) and Toronto Raptors mascot
Western Conference:
1) Houston Rockets
2) Golden State Warriors
3) Portland Trailblazers
4) Memphis Grizzlies
5) San Antonio Spurs

Eastern Conference:
1) Toronto Raptors
2) Chicago Bulls
3) Miami Heat
4) Washington Wizards
5) Charlotte Hornets

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