Friday, September 5, 2014

4 Reasons to Pay Attention to the Seattle Seahawks

After last night's pounding on the Green Bay Packers, Seattle looks like a well-oiled machine marching back to the championship.

1) "Lord have mercy, we've got Percy!" - Russell Wilson
WR Percy Harvin
Percy Harvin played a major part in this high-powered offense, coming off an injury which sidelined him the majority of last season. If Percy Harvin can stay healthy for the whole year, the Seahawks' offense has a high chance to continually dismantle defenses.

2) The Legion of Boom is still...booming

SS Kam Chancellor lays down the hammer on Vernon Davis
Shoving matches after the whistle, lots of trash talk, helmet-shaking hits is what can describe this defense.

 If last year's Super Bowl was not bone-crushing enough, the Seahawks will satisfy your football appetite with their defensive play this season similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers' trademarked "Steel Curtain."

3) Pete Carroll's Philosophy is a goldmine.

I remember when Pete Carroll escaped from College Football before the dark cloud hovered over USC (2010 athletic scandal) and landed a coaching job in Seattle. My dad said: Seattle is the perfect team for Carroll, because they're young and Carroll can get those guys fired up if they listen to him. Man, he was right about that one. Pete Carroll's "Us Against the World" Philosophy (as my dad described) has produced a level of play nearly anyone would have believed to occur in Seattle!

Head Coach Pete Carroll

It seems this philosophy has made some waves from the Seahawks' locker room to around the NFL with the "Why Not Us?" movement (sparked by Russell Wilson's battle-cry leading to the Super Bowl victory).

4) Russell Wilson is this generation's Doug Williams

Back in Super Bowl XXII, the Washington Redskins (When are they going to change that mascot name?) were led by Doug Williams. Williams' victory over the John Elway-led Denver Broncos shocked the sports world and made history at the same time, becoming the first Black quarterback to win a Super Bowl.

The same goes for Russell Wilson, beating the Peyton Manning-led Denver Broncos.

Redskins QB Doug Williams
Russell Wilson has always been a "different" guy, in a good way. I remember watching Wisconsin in a bowl game during Wilson's senior year as quarterback.

Wisconsin marched down the field, hoping to put a miracle together in a nail-biting finish. With two seconds left and the clock still running, Wilson could not spike the ball in time to get the last play off. Despite this unfair situation, Wilson made his way to congratulate the opposing team and accepted his defeat with class.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

In the past couple of years, Wilson has easily become one of my favorite quarterbacks to watch play. The drive, determination, and class Russell brings to the Seahawks' franchise is invaluable. I'm grateful to see this generation's Doug Williams in action.
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