Tuesday, September 9, 2014

3 Things Learned Against the San Francisco 49ers (Dallas Cowboys)

3 Things We Learned from the Cowboys' Week 1 Performance

Coming off three consecutive 8-8 seasons, being a Cowboys fan has become a tiresome burden on even the most dedicated fan. The battered defense, offense led by a less-than-100 percent Tony Romo, and the condescending attitude of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones all create a recipe for disaster.

In a couple of previous posts about the Cowboys' 2014 season outlook, I have expressed how the Cowboys will less than likely meet their fan's expectations.
This was a Dallas "home game"?!

If you were able to watch the Cowboys vs. 49ers game, it was pretty difficult to miss the "sea of red" in Cowboys Stadium and even avoid hearing the roars of happiness after every San Francisco touchdown.

It's been awhile since I've watched a full game of the Cowboys (over 2 years to be exact). I hoped they would prove me wrong and rise to the occasion against one of the franchise's age-old foes. I guess that dream was far-fetched, resulting in a 28-17 defeat.

The writing is on the wall of Cowboys Stadium. Fans know it.
Players and coaches know it. Even Jones, no matter how much he denies it, knows the fan support of his franchise is a concern. 

1) Romo's back surgery has created a layer of rust not even WD-40 can remove.

I get it, he's rusty. After all, he's supposed to be! Coach Jason Garrett allowed Romo to sit out the majority of preseason (as well as practice) based on the recovery of Romo's back surgery. In the 2nd half, Romo "somewhat" delivered (mainly tossing prayers in the sky). We just have to eliminate the unforced turnovers.

2) DeMarco Murray is still a priority in our offense.

Despite Romo's numerous turnovers, the running game flourished through Murray's performance of 22 carries for 118 yards. 

The bad news is that this marked the first time in Murray's career that he carried the ball more than 20 times and the Cowboys lost. I'm optimistic of our run game. It's the pass game that has me on pins-and-needles.

3) We have to offensively outscore every opponent, and this is not a good thing.
We've already established the fact that our defense is as good as stopping a flood with notebook paper. Simply put, our offense HAS to outplay every offense it's matched up against! This can call for games in which the Cowboys almost certainly need to put up 25+ points a game. If our offense clicks, it's obtainable...there needs to be a sense of urgency and chemistry in the offensive flow.
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