Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Defintion of Mediocrity (Dallas Cowboys)

If you're a Cowboys fan like myself, then you should have low expectations for the Boys in Blue this season.

0-4 in the preseason?! Seriously?!!!

I understand the preseason is meant to present a realistic look at our team, but the Dallas Cowboys have not showed much hope in the past four weeks.

Over the past three seasons, Dallas has finished with an 8-8 record without a playoff appearance. It's almost as if the Cowboys are stuck in a recurring nightmare.

I sure hope this team wakes up this year.

Come on, the Cowboys' offense has the potential to be a playoff contender without any doubt. On paper, our offense has a good balance (with the exception of Romo's late 4th-quarter errors).

Tony Romo should be in good condition, after resting from his back surgery. Dez Bryant is the guy to primarily fuel our offense, specifically the passing game. Plus, the Cowboys' run-game will benefit from our pass threat if everything has the right chemistry.

However, the defense is what makes the Cowboys "mediocre", or just plain average. As you will find me say in previous blog posts, "Defense wins championships!!!" You know, I wouldn't be surprised if our defense finishes last in the NFL this season. I mean, we do not have DeMarcus Ware or Jason Hatcher (two veteran defenders that we REALLY need). Instead of these two vets, the Cowboys placed two 2014 draftees in their place.

But wait! What makes it worse is that these two rookies are on the injury list for the start of the regular season!! In addition, Sean Lee (arguably the Cowboys' best linebacker since Dat Nyguen and Dexter Coakley) is out for the season; DeVonte Hollman, a promising second-year linebacker,  suffered a career-ending neck injury.

"Sounds like another 8-8 season to me."

And what makes things even more gloomy is the fact that our safety and cornerback (Jakar Hamilton and Orlando Scandrick, respectively) will miss four games due to violating the league's substance abuse policy.

The Dallas Cowboys should change their logo to an Army Tank, due to the notion of Jerry Jones probably wanting to "tank" the season for a higher rung on the "draft ladder".

The facts are laid out: the Dallas Cowboys are the definition of mediocrity

Good offense, bad defense. Sounds like another 8-8 season to me.

Hopefully, they prove me wrong (in a good way).
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