Monday, October 27, 2014

The Age-Old Rivalry (Cowboys vs. Redskins)

Tonight marks the eighth game of the 2014 NFL Season for the Dallas Cowboys. For dedicated Cowboys fans, 6-1 almost sounds like a "dream come true" in contrast to the past three 8-8 season finishes.

I have to admit: my expectations of the Cowboys (in reality) were not too high. Originally, I predicted the 'Boys to finish 8-8 again. But this season, I am very pleased and excited with the Cowboys FINALLY living up to their potential on the field.

The Cowboys are not just looking good "on paper", but "on the field" as well. Our running game has continued to be efficient, due to arguably the Best Offensive Line in the NFL. To give more credit to the O-Line, our passing game has also received a facelift.

As I said in a previous post, this Cowboys team is very different from the past years. I believe the "new attitude" taken on by the front office has trickled down to the field of play; which has ignited a blaze in the hearts of the Cowboys.

Tonight is Monday Night Football in the heart of North Texas @ Cowboys Stadium. I expect there to be a high level of trash-talking, hard hits, and every recipe needed for this age-old rivalry against the Redskins. Hopefully, DeMarco Murray can rack up 100+ more yards tonight!

With Colt McCoy calling the snaps for Washington tonight, the Cowboys defense shouldn't have to worry about too much unpredictability (such as RG3) in their offense. However, our secondary should have their hands full with Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson.

This is going to be a good match-up.

Go Cowboys!!
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