Monday, October 13, 2014

The Boys Are Back in Town? Pt. II (Dallas Cowboys)

The Dallas Cowboys have proved within the past two "down-to-the-wire" victories that they truly are a new team. If you've been a Cowboys fan for the past three years (suffering those awful 8-8 seasons), you understand the importance of this change in the Cowboys' demeanor. Battling against the Texans and Seahawks, respectively, have shown the Cowboys in a new light.

Tony Romo is as effective as his 2007 season. Along with a decent core of receivers and tight ends, Romo has been able to put numbers on the board and successfully close out games.

 I believe the most important facet of this team is our new-found confidence. Over the years, I have received A LOT of criticism for being a Cowboys fan. But this year, I can honestly say that the noise talking has quieted down within these entertaining 6 weeks of the NFL.

As of now, I refuse to talk about ANY super bowl contentions for the Cowboys. I guess Jerry Jones had an idea on how this Cowboys' team would fare this season.

I'm proud of the defense, the offense, and more importantly our run game. DeMarco Murray and his back-ups have opened up a vast amount of opportunities for the passing game to thrive, as well as wear down the defense.

This Cowboys team is different. This Cowboys team is for real. And more importantly, this Cowboys team is going places. Go Cowboys!

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