Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Boys Are Back in Town? Pt. I (Dallas Cowboys)

As the Dallas Cowboys approach week 5 against the Houston Texans, I couldn't be more proud of their performance following the loss against San Francisco. The Cowboys are 3-1, whether opponents like it or not. I know we chalked up a couple wins against sub-par teams (Titans and Rams), but the victory against the Saints definitely served as a confidence booster for the Boys.

Drew Brees and Tony Romo

Through four games, it seems the Cowboys have continued to get better each game. In a previous post following the San Francisco matchup, I highlighted three factors of the Cowboys shortcomings:

1) Romo's Back Surgery
In my opinion, I think Tony Romo has just about knocked the rust off of his performance on the field. One of my favorite plays is the Romo-Bryant back-shoulder fade connection (always ran to perfection). With Romo's mobility out of the question, our offense can fully operate and keep up with high-scoring opponents.

2) DeMarco Murray is still a priority in our offense.
Murray is a guy you can trust carrying the ball. With DeMarco carrying the ball 20+ times a game and rushing for well over 100yds/gm, this is evidence that our running game is in great shape. There are also other backs who keep up with the flow of the game (Julius Randle and Phillip Tanner).
3) The Cowboys have to outscore their opponents.
As argued in the previous post, the Cowboys defense is not where it should be. This may not sound good, but if our defense can play like this past Sunday without Claiborne...then we need to finish the season without Claiborne!
Guys that "sweet talk" their way out of practice and onto the field when gameday shows up should not be expected to give their best performance when it's time to perform. Mo Claiborne has done just that.
Maurice "Mo" Claiborne
Luckily, our offense has been able to put up points. As for the defense, keep Mo on the sidelines.
Are the Cowboys finally utilizing their potential? Probably so.
A statement that we definitely cannot deny is that the Cowboys should have enough momentum going against their in-state rival on Sunday. Although the game is scheduled for 12pm, I'm sure the Cowboys should be able to take care of business at home.

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