Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Honeymoon Phase is Over (Seattle Seahawks)

For the longest, there's been one question I've had the hardest time answering during this NFL Season. The question is: What is going on with the Seattle Seahawks?

Coach Pete Carroll

As my Dad would say, "Well, I'm glad you asked."

There is one word which points to the Seahawks' surprising performance: ego.

Ever since the Super Bowl victory of the Seahawks, they were riding on their high horse during the off-season. At this time, Richard Sherman and Russell Westbrook penned numerous advertisement deals. In addition, Pete Carroll added another piece of hardware to his collection, and the city of Seattle had something to be proud of (besides the birthplace of Starbucks Coffee).

However, there was a storm of negativity awaiting the Seahawks' Camp as they approached this present season.

The locker room of the Seahawks had been divided since the Super Bowl (Percy Harvin gives Golden Tate a black eye)

Golden Tate

- Marshawn Lynch has continually stayed away from the spotlight and been a recluse, even to his own team.
- Russell Wilson and Percy Harvin's "beef", which recently exploded this season, hurt the offensive chemistry (especially with Harvin making large demands on-and-off the field).
- The L.O.B. (Legion of Boom; consists of Seattle's Cornerbacks and Safeties) is not as effective as last year's title run. 

There is a cloud of negativity surrounding the Seahawks' locker room, and all the signs point to the team, itself. Russell Wilson is still my favorite quarterback to watch on Sundays, but it's difficult to stomach the fact that everyone is not "on board" with the winning mentalities of Wilson and Coach Pete Carroll.

These guys (Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll) are winners first, celebrities second.

L.O.B. in action
However, it is evident that a number of members from the Seattle team are craving for the same media attention in order to fulfill some selfish desire within themselves.

When it comes to the game, it is not about individuals. DeMarco Murray is having one of the best seasons in Dallas Cowboys history (rushing 100+ yards per game through 8 consecutive games); which is not solely due to Murray's knack for running and field vision, but also the offensive line providing the holes for Murray. Murray generously thanked his O-line teammates for doing their job well.

Russell Wilson
This same scenario can apply to the Seahawks. If the Legion of Boom is taking care of business and receiving a great deal of praise for it, let the respected individuals have their time to shine.

For goodness sake, these guys rightfully deserve a little amount of attention. While the L.O.B. have earned their respect for media attention, it seems the linebackers and defensive linemen want to be included in the L.O.B.'s spotlight.

(Maybe some generous gifts will silence their distress).

Here we are, eight weeks into the season going on to week 9. The Seahawks can possibly turn it around and have another successful season. It all starts with the locker room. Percy Harvin has received his one-way ticket out of Seattle...I wonder if Marshawn Lynch is next.

It is very apparent that Pete Carroll and the Front Office staff want another ring, and positivity on-and-off the field.
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